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Do you feel stressed? We live in a culture that pushes us to the limits to buy more, do more, accomplish more, conquer more… Many of us are living at an unbiblical and unsustainable pace. Are you really enjoying your life? Most people have no margin for the most important things in life.

Emotional Margin SERIES Emotional Margin

October 1, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Have you ever asked someone how they…

Financial Margin SERIES Financial Margin

September 24, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
In our culture today, financial…

Scheduling Margin SERIES Scheduling Margin

September 17, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
“Be very careful, then, how you…

Margin SERIES Margin

September 10, 2107
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Are you really enjoying your life?…