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I Choose

We are the sum total of the choices that we've made. Essentially, the decisions that we're making today will determine who we become and what we're able to do tomorrow. Our choices matter.

Celebrate Recovery Sunday SERIES Celebrate Recovery Sunday

July 2, 2017
Celebrate Recovery is a place where people with hurts, habits…

Important Over Urgent SERIES Important Over Urgent

June 25, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Most people never say, “I'm relaxed.…

Discipline Over Regret SERIES Discipline Over Regret

June 18, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Discipline is choosing between what…

Surrender Over Control SERIES Surrender Over Control

June 11, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Is it mine to control? If it is, you…

Purpose Over Popularity SERIES Purpose Over Popularity

June 4, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Living to please people keeps you from…