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Stay Positive

It is a challenge in this negative world to stay positive. If you want to find the negative or to be miserable, you can search for it and you can find it. But if you search for the good, you can also find that as well. Primarily, I am not positive based on what I feel. I'm positive based on what God’s Word says.

I'm Confident SERIES I'm Confident

May 28, 2017
Pastor Tasha Schuh
It is easy to allow fear to control us,…

I'm Enthusiastic SERIES I'm Enthusiastic

May 21, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
There is a spiritual side of enthusiasm.…

I’m Encouraging SERIES I’m Encouraging

May 14, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
God is calling you to be an encourager,…

I'm Generous SERIES I'm Generous

May 7, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
How can we stay positive in a negative…

I’m Grateful SERIES I’m Grateful

April 30, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
It seems like people want to be critical.…

I'm Optimistic SERIES I'm Optimistic

April 23, 2017
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
An optimist will read the Bible verse,…