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Am I Really a Christian?

We are looking at the signs or evidence that show up in a person’s life who’s a true believer in Christ. Have you wondered about your faith; if it’s real or enough? At times I don’t feel very spiritual, close to God, or His presence in my life. At times I am more interested in other things than I am in the bible or church. Do you struggle with anger or selfishness? If I am a Christian why do I struggle with these sins?

Why I Keep Going SERIES Why I Keep Going

January 31, 2016
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
An enduring faith in Christ is a…

What I Value SERIES What I Value

January 24, 2016
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Are you craving something that takes…

How I Love Others SERIES How I Love Others

January 17, 2016
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
We are examining our lives to see…

What I Do SERIES What I Do

January 10, 2016
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
If you have faith in Jesus as your…

Who I Am SERIES Who I Am

January 3, 2016
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
If you have ever doubted your salvation…