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The Blessed Life

We can all look back and be grateful for the generous grace that has been poured out on us. Doing this develops a grateful heart. I did not deserve forgiveness of sins, but God was gracious through the shed blood of Jesus on the cross. So, we can be gracious, generous, as well with our time, talents, ministry, serving, loving and finances. This is the blessed LIFE, not just blessed wallet. We can open up a conduit of God’s blessings through us. We are blessed to be a blessing.

A Testimony of God's Grace SERIES A Testimony of God's Grace

Nov 24, 2013
Pastor Ted Marsh shares how God transformed his life from…

What Test? SERIES What Test?

Nov 17, 2013
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Did you know that you can test God?…

The Principle of Multiplication SERIES The Principle of Multiplication

Dec 10, 2013
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Does God want you to be blessed? Yes.…

It's All About the Heart SERIES It's All About the Heart

Nov 3, 2013
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
The heart is the seat of all our desires…