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God Unboxed

There is a lot we can know about God, His character, nature, covenants, commitment to people, holiness, justice and love. Read His Word long enough and you can get to know God. But, there is a greatness that is unsearchable. There is a limit to what the finite human mind can comprehend. About the time you think you have God figured out, He will act in an unsearchable way. You will say ‘Wow’ and that you cannot put God in a box.

He's Coming Back SERIES He's Coming Back

June 22, 2014
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
You think creation was incredible?…

God Empowers You SERIES God Empowers You

June 15, 2014
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
You are empowered with spiritual gifts…

Turn Back Time SERIES Turn Back Time

June 8, 2014
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
Hezekiah asks for a sign to confirm…

Fire From Heaven SERIES Fire From Heaven

June 1, 2014
Pastor Kevin Humphrey
The Prophet Elijah is outraged at the…